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lively & alluring

Bijou escort lady Edith is as hot as a pepper with her red-blonde hair and her cheerfulness. We warn you, because her extraordinary eyes shine like the turquoise sea in the sun. You could get lost in these eyes.

As a newcomer, she tries her hand at this exciting world for the first time. Bijou Escort Edith has both feet in the middle of life. She would like to explore new facets of her sexuality exclusively at Bijou Escort Vienna.

Like the healing stone called turquoise, Bijou Escort Lady Edith is one of the most valuable of all bijous. Just like the gemstone, this lady promises a lively time full of energy. It gives you vitality and satisfaction in all aspects.

Choose Bijou Escort Lady Edith - and go on an erotic adventure journey together.


Age 31
Languages German, English
Height 168
Weight 60kg
Bust Size 80B
Hair Color Redblonde
Eye Color Blue
Orientation Hetero
Dress Style Elegant
Drinks Champagne
Lingerie La Perla
Perfume Hermes


1h EUR 220,-
2h EUR 380,-
3h EUR 540,-
Price per hour for extension: EUR 160,-

Pleasure Service

Introduction Date
(2  hours)
EUR 200,-
Candle Light Dinnery
(3  hours)
EUR 300,-
Ménage á trois
(per hour)
EUR 440,-
(per hour)
EUR 380,-
Sensual Massage
(2  hours)
EUR 400,-
(48  hours)
EUR 4000,-

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