Bijou’s recipe for a sensual Valentine’s Day date

With our ingredients, every Valentine’s Day date will be a success:

A Seductive Setting

A place that is seductive will put you both in the right mood. This could be a cosy candlelit dinner at home or, particularly stimulating, an intimate corner in a stylish restaurant.

With a few candles, romantic music and, of course, red roses, you are guaranteed to impress your date. Once this framework has been set, you have already taken an important step towards a successful and, above all, romantic Valentine’s date.

A Culinary Experience

Opt for aphrodisiac recipes and discover different textures and flavours with your companion. They will not only stimulate the taste buds. Strawberries covered in chocolate, oysters and other decadent desserts have an aphrodisiac effect and enhance the sensual experience.

Surprise our fun-loving and open-minded escort ladies with a special date. Vienna offers various adventure restaurants that make culinary delights even more exciting. How about a “Dinner in the Sky”. We are sure your heart will beat faster. These and other adventurous dinner date ideas are waiting to be realised.

Spice up your date with well-chosen champagnes or cocktails that perfectly complement the flavours of the food. A glass of champagne adds a touch of luxury and sensuality to any date. It could also help to relax any nerves you may have at first.

An Intimate Discovery

Our versatile and talented bijou ladies will help you to release the last of your tension. This could be achieved with a sensual massage or a bubble bath together. Here, every tender touch turns into a spark.

Your companion will certainly surprise you with particularly sexy lingerie on Valentine’s Day. This will make the evening even more exciting and ignite your playful sensuality, which will gradually turn into tingling erotic.

An All-round Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Through the combination of a seductive ambience, exquisite culinary delights, selected drinks and intimate touches with the right companion, you will find yourself at the centre of love, lust and passion.

Celebrate an unforgettable and intimate Valentine’s Day with Bijou Escort Vienna.