Bijous Christmas greetings

For the second year in a row, 2021 is an eventful year for us. In the spirit of the reflective Christmas season, we would now like to say goodbye to the past and look to the future with curiosity.

Bijou Escort Service Vienna wishes you a merry Christmas!
Bijou Escort Vienna wishes you a Merry Christmas!

The year 2021 challenged us all again. But with every hurdle that we overcome together, we take a step forward. In the end, we did well over the year. We owe this fact primarily to you, our valued clients. Thank you very much for your loyalty and your trust in Bijou Escort Service. We thank you for the successful moments that we were able to experience with you and our extraordinary Bijou escort ladies.

It is therefore time to thank our Bijou escort ladies. Thank you for your dedicated work, perseverance and for a wonderful collaboration. As we know from John Maxwell, “teamwork makes the dream work”. We appreciate your courage to continue walking with us in spite of the situation. Thank you for your flexibility and your trust in us.

We look forward to the new year and a constant cooperation with you – our valued clients and our valuable Bijou escort ladies. 

Christmas time – time to pause and

review the past year with all its ups and downs.

Christmas time – time to let go of the old

and face the new year with hope and joy.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!